Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet the Girls!

The "Grunge" Sisters, that is!  A new pattern, new fabrics, and a few hours.  I love these--so fun! Use them as extra large pincushions or display your jewelry.  They are eye-candy on the counter in my sewing room for now.  Want to know more? 
Here's the supplies.  The pattern, Large Mannequin Dress Form, a couple of old candlesticks, a fat quarter for each "girl", tracing wheel and paper.  Oh, oh, I have a tendency change things up a bit---so I didn't use the tracing paper.  And that is spray paint in the Rubbed Bronze color I had on hand.  It worked great on both the wooden candlestick ($.50 at local thrift) and the two glass ones I had on hand.

I opted for 3 colors of Moda's Grunge line--lots of texture from the color.  The fabric looks like it was dry brushed in a secondary color.  So I traced around the pattern with a pencil and then I marked the darts.  I just stuck a pin at the top and bottom of each dart and then carefuly raised the pattern.  I marked the spot where each pin entered the fabric with a small dot.  I was working on wrong side of the fabric.

Then I traced the dart on a piece of freezer paper and used it to trace the dart directly on the wrong side of the fabric.  Here is a pic for you.

 The lines are faint enough not to show through.  Then I folded and pinned each dart with a pin at each end and one in the middle to hold it in place.  Then I sewed the 4 darts.  Here is a pic!
Yes, I did tremove the pin before sewing!  Next the front to the back, clip and stuff firmly.
The pattern says you can insert a dowel for stability.  Well, no dowels at my house but I found pencils.  They worked great but they don't exactly fit into the well of a candlestick! I trimmed some florist foam and got my glue gun. With a hot glue gun the girls are perched on their pedestals.

 Here they are!  Interested in the pattern?  It will be in the new online shop in just a few days.  Check out to find the fabric as well. 

Talk to you soon,

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